Evie and Me

Created by paulalondrina on 05/12/2014
Dear Evie, I am still trying to figure out why we have met. It was such a short and strong experience. Your life enhanced mine in a way that I can’t explain. For now I just want to say thank you. Thank you for have shown me that fish could have fingers, for lead me to learn that the best way to release stuck fat cat is feeding it beans, and to solve the mystery of all my missing underpants! The time we spent together was so little... but through it I have also learnt that a shed could be so much more than I ever expected, that the best kind of daddies are those who go to Brighton Pier and win a minion for Evie to play with, and that a strong mum could change and enable anybody’s life. Through our last days together I also understood a bit more about fighting for life, the power of family and the kindness of the human being. And I realised that no matter how much we wanted to keep you here, this time we just couldn’t, it wasn’t fair. I am happy you are not in pain, I am happy you are not suffering, I miss you a lot, I always will. Bye Baba